Outsmarting the MTA with $22.30

Ever since we found this article a few months ago, we’ve been using it as a guide to get rid of those extra few cents on our NY MetroCards:
How Memorizing “$19.05” Can Help You Outsmart the MTA

Today, the MTA hiked up the fares from $2.50 to $2.75, and also raised the ‘bonus’ from 5% to 11%. That means our go-to guide is no longer so helpful.

So we made one of our own, to help outsmart the MTA, and keep them from stealing away millions of our pennies…

Note: the bonus doesn’t start until $5.50.

2015 MTA Fares: $2.75 per ride 11% Bonus

2015 MTA Fares:
$2.75 per ride
11% Bonus

Once again, the “short cut” fares leave you with change…

But if you decide to pay $22.30, or $49.55, you can ride comfortably knowing you’re not leaving the MTA with any extra pennies.

PS: Apologies if any of the math is off or rounded wrong, let me know and I’ll fix it.

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